is a certified Hypnotherapist, Feng Shui consultant, Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, Psych-K and EFT practitioner, Reiki master/teacher, registered yoga instructor, & shamanic practitioner.

Everything is energy. Victoria invites you to clear, balance, and enhance the energy within your body and mind, within your home, and within your relationships. She shows amazing, talented, successful people who are struggling with overwhelm, stress, or dis-ease how to feel balanced and whole, reach their goals, and realize their dreams.

Victoria’s services include personal Feng Shui consultations at your home or place of business, spiritual counseling, space clearing, heart-centered hypnotherapy, and energy medicine sessions. Hypnotherapy and energy medicine sessions are 60-90 minutes and are held at the Body & Soul Spa in Dubuque, Iowa. Spiritual counseling is available in person or by phone. Distance healing sessions are available as well, so you can benefit from this healing work from the comfort of your home.

Current Event:

Dubuque, Iowa, Yoga and Oneness Festival, Grand River Center – Sacred Ritual of Re-enchantment, April 29, 2017, 11:00-12:30. Preregistration required: Do you want to stretch your psyche and expand your awareness? Awaken to the deep wisdom within you? Experience the path of ‘direct revelation’? Connect with the magic of ‘flow’ and re-invent yourself? If so, don’t miss this opportunity to join in this ritual of re-enchantment and reconnection based on the shamanic path. Join Victoria Putman to create a sacred space in which you can journey into your own inner realms and open to a deeper relationship with your soul. All levels.


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